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Taxpayer Representation

We offer free 20-minute consultations to determine if we can resolve your tax issue. Bring your last filed return, notices, and any other relevant documents, and we'll diagnose your problem. If we can offer a resolution, we provide an estimate and require a retainer agreement.
On occasion, there is nothing we can do, and we'll advise you do as the notice suggests.

Tax Resolutions Made Easy
If you have tax problems, you are not alone.

Every year we help taxpayers resolve unfiled returns, get through audits and examinations, and manage unpaid tax debt. We get taxpayers back into compliance so they can put their tax troubles behind them. We work with our clients, clients of other preparers, or those that self-manager their tax matters.

As Enrolled Agents, we are licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department to assist taxpayers with issues before the IRS. Unlike most Attorneys and CPAs, we specialize in IRS Practice and procedure to protect the taxpayer's legal rights when dealing with the IRS.