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Patrick O’Hara, the principal owner, is an Enrolled Agent with 24 years of experience preparing tax returns, who now specializes in resolving tax controversy. He started Tax Alternative Group in 2013 in response to a rise in local taxpayers having difficulties with the IRS and state tax authorities. Tax resolution is underserved because many tax practitioners don’t have practice rights before the IRS or lack tax practice and procedure competency.

Enrolled Agents, like Patrick O’Hara, can represent taxpayers before the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Only Enrolled Agents, attorneys, and CPAs have unlimited practice rights before the IRS. We’ll work with you to prepare and file returns, reduce assessments and penalties, and negotiate payment plans. In some cases, we’ll make settlement offers for less than the full amount due.

Tax resolution is an emotional process requiring compassion and empathy. As a local business, The Tax Alternative Group offers a close, judgment-free relationship through the resolution process. And, our clients experience more personalized attention than large national firms provide.

Most of our clients are “non-filers” – those taxpayers who fail to file their returns. Our goal is to get taxpayers back in compliance with their tax obligations so that they can get on with their lives.

Too many taxpayers leave their tax problems unresolved because they fear repayment for the tax, interest, and penalty. However, taxpayers often lose their due process rights because they do not act within the time allowed. The Internal Revenue Code provides many remedies and options for relief, provided taxpayers are aware and request it within the required time frame.

Tax Alternative Group is your compassionate advocate for resolving outstanding tax issues. Reach out to our accountants in Poughkeepsie, NY to find a solution to your tax problems.

Speciality Tax Practice and An Alternative to Tax Franchises

We solve tax problems

Reach out to our accountants in Poughkeepsie, NY for compassionate solutions for tax issues.