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About Us

Accountants in Poughkeepsie, NY
Tired of crunching numbers?
Let Tax Alternative Group handle all of your accounting needs.

I founded Tax Alternative Group LLC in 2013 after realizing that the needs of many taxpayers were just not being met. More taxpayers were becoming involved in a controversy with the IRS and State Tax Departments and had no one local to turn to. I wanted to create a specialty tax firm that was service-oriented and relationship-based, that focused on Tax Preparation, Tax Problem Resolution, and Tax Planning. We consider ourselves Advocates and Educators of our clients.

The size and structure of our business model allows us to be priced competively and provide high value services. Our goal with every client is to be their Most Trusted Advisor. We want to make your life easier and have less stress over taxes.

Speciality Tax Practice and An Alternative to Tax Franchises

We solve tax problems
Reach out to our accountants in Poughkeepsie, NY for compassionate solutions for tax issues.